Waipara West

Situated over terraces on the Waipara River valley, downriver of dinosaur and moa fossils and sheltered by Mounts Grey and Brown, Waipara West is wild and beautiful and ideal for wine. The different sites and soils give variety and character to the grapes grown. Care is taken to ensure their excellent condition, with hand-harvesting in autumn and year-round vineyard care from the permanent team, led by viticulturist Lindsay Hill. In the winery, consultant Jeff Sinnott and assistant winemaker Sean Houghton take their lead from the fruit to produce the most distinctive wines possible each year. Emphasis is always on flavour, as an expression of the boldness of New Zealand’s terrain and specifically their patch of the river valley. Waipara West is owned by siblings Paul and Vic Tutton and their respective spouses Olga Sienko and Lindsay Hill. "The land dictates, and we follow."