Ringenbach & Fils

Established in 1936 by Guillaume Ringenbach, the estate is known for great-tasting Alsace wines that are elegant and distinguished, especially its Gewurztraminers and Tokays. Only a few wineries produce the famous wines of Vendanges Tardives, and and Ringenbach Moser is one of them. François and Gilles Ringenbach. Their winemaking techniques are firmly rooted in tradition, but also draw from modern technology. Grapes are planted on the slopes of Mambourg grand cru with a production of approximately 65 hl/ha on vogelgarten (marl) and altenbourg (clay) soils. The winery employs Kieselgur method, which literally means “silica particles”, where natural siliceous rock form from accumulated deposits of microscopic fossilised algae. After crushing of the grapes and purification of the grape juice (crushing, purification) the powdered rock is used to filter wine.