Domaine Roger Perrin

In the heart of the Chateauneuf du Pape AOC, one can find Domaine Roger Perrin. For the best part of a century, several generations of master vignerons have contributed their savoir-faire to the development of the estate. In 1980, under the direction of Roger Perrin, the estate began to sell its production under its own name; Domaine Roger Perrin. In 1986, Luc Perrin was handed the reins of the family estate. Slowly and thanks to his hard work, wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike began to recognise his name and today the brand is well know and has an excellent reputation. It is by allying a keen eye, working in harmony with nature and employing the latest techniques that Domaine Roger Perrin is able to produce wines that show a great deal of finesse.