Penmara Wines is an exciting addition to the Australian viticultural landscape. Created towards the end of 2000 and based in the Hunter Valley, the unique winery was formed when 5, well established, family owned vineyards joined forces so as to gain greater control over our winemaking and distribution activities. The synergies of this new venture has resulted in the ability to consistently produce higher quality wines to satisfy the larger international and domestic markets. PENMARA, Pen from the Greek prefix Penta for Five, and Mara an Aboriginal word for Five Fingers Based in the HUNTER VALLEY of Australia, with vineyards also in Orange and surrounding areas, Penmara draws on almost 400 acres of vineyards with differing climates and soil types. These vineyards are all low yielding, which provides the winemaking team the quality, as well as the diversity, that is so vital in consistently producing quality wine.